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MessageSujet: Maintenance exceptionnelle   Maintenance exceptionnelle EmptyMar 6 Avr - 22:53

(Weeks) Gravity is the Requiem Online Team.

Wed, April 7 before the server is in progress is a guide for regular maintenance.

Checking the time

- 2010년 4월 7일(수) 09:30 ~ 12:30 The server - Wed, April 7th, 2010 09:30 to 12:30

- 2010년 4월 7일(수) 09:30 ~ 12:30 Peulrangsi server - Wed, April 7th, 2010 09:30 to 12:30

time to check the website login, registration, modification information is temporarily unavailable.

Check the contents of this server guide


* [Special] base will be shut down sales of the Xeon product VII.

[Special] Basic Xeon VIII product sales will be shut down.


* PC rooms applies to celebrate the event.
Gold PC room-by-instant dungeon Monster Random deungjangha particular sludge,
Would like to ask a lot of participation, more details of the 10th Anniversary Event Information Bulletin
EVENT.3 information, please refer to.

* March 17-April 7 event will be terminated advanced enhancing the probability rises.

* March 31-April 7 ahyitemdeuropyul advanced experience and increase the event ends.


* Compensation will be added to Guild Wars.
5% - Character Abilities 5%
HP +5% - Character Maximum HP +5%
MP +5% - Character Maximum MP +5%
HP 회복력 +10% - Character HP +10%, Resilience
MP 회복력 +10% - Character MP +10%, Resilience

* The following Quest achieving population decreases.
- Fear of the night (nightmares)
- Deprived the bridge (bad)
- Giant dokdalpaengyi sweep (nightmare)
- Resembling human evil (bad)
- In the darkness of evil (bad)
- Desert dokdalpaengyi sweep (nightmare)
- Island Crisis (nightmare)
- Disturbing evil (bad)
- A terrible evil (bad)
- Carry a cell of the evil (bad)
- Enchanting jewels (nightmare)
- For multiple inheritance (a nightmare)
- Elrinui Worship (6) (a nightmare)
- Saint-back (end) (nightmare)

* Sustainable recovery skills will change.
DNA. Accordingly, all the character's skills and the DNA is initiated.
- Continue the skill hoebokman avoid costly changes.
(Play, resuscitation)
-[MND]- Property and magical damage and mental [MND] did not affect the ongoing recovery skills will be affected to change.
(Rejuvenation, wound healing, totems of recovery, the recovery summon spirits, natural healing)
- Continued recovery cooldown of the skill changes.
(The divine hand, play, heal minor parties, revived, wound healing, recovery Totem, recovery summon spirits, natural healing)

* The following skills will be the effect of changes and fixes.
-(10M), (1초),(50% ~ 95%) - Rush: Add minimum range (10M), Stern, add effects (one second), according to the skill level of additional rate (50-95%)
- A cry of fear: Effects of Change (Regional Horror -> regional stop)
- (20M -> 4M) - Flash: Range change (20M -> 4M)
-- Stiffness of the deot: remove the damage

* Item [property given tool] for granted by possession of the property in spite of adequate funds
"There is not enough money," he corrected output is a phenomenon.


* The system will be stabilizing the operation in progress.

Check for server information peulrangsi


Will adjust the formula for continued recovery skills.
Additional stats are added to the spirit of continuous recovery value property damage,
100%. Apply what has been a 100% spell damage duration reduced by as much as five times apply.
Sustainable recovery continued to add features to prevent the damage occurred as a fatal blow is modified.

+ MND *0.3 +Original> sustainable recovery Skill Value + MND * 0.3 + properties, Magic Attack
+ (MND *0.3 +) / 5 Change> continued recovery skill value + (MND * 0.3 + properties, Magic Attack) / 5

* Applies to the ongoing critical recovery will fix the problem.
However, the continued recovery of 1 million applies to non-conventional as detrimental to the general recovery occurs.
(The divine hand, the lower the party heal)

* Will continue to fine tune the recovery skills.
The divine Son: cooldown increased, duration decreased, increased continuously hoebokryang
- Play: Reuse time increased
- Lesser Heal Party (Protectors): cooldown increased, decreased access time, continuous increase in hoebokryang
- Resuscitation: Reuse time increased with increasing duration
- Wound healing: increased time to re-use, reduced time
- The recovery of the Totem: cooldown increased
Totem outside the scope of what has been recovered in the period of time only recovery possible modifications within the scope Totem
- Recovery ordinance summons: cooldown increased, decreased access time, continuous increase in hoebokryang
- Natural Healing: cooldown increased


* The system will be stabilizing the operation in progress.

You do not have to use uncomfortable place your note about the above please.

Thank you.

Glorhia : Protector lvl 66
Poppies : hunter lvl 3x
Almaric : Tempest lvl 60
Draxane : soul hunter lvl 3x
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Maintenance exceptionnelle
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